Welcome to SKINERIE™,
the place for extraordinary skin.

SKINERIE™ is the destination for all women who share the belief that no matter your age,

it is in skin health where beauty truly begins.

Brand Vision

We believe that skin health is where beauty truly begins. Our vision is to provide women of all ages a healthy relation to femininity, offering ‘pharmasensual’ Skin Health Cosmetics that help women feel confident, beautiful, sexy and younger in their skin, everyday. SKINERIE™ stands for its purpose of making high quality skin health and beauty products for everyone

What distinguishes our cosmetics?


Anti-ageing active ingredients’ effectiveness.

High UVB / UVA filters.

100% respect for your skin.

100% Respect for your skin

Every SKINERIE™ formula developed in our renowned laboratories, in collaboration with Pharmaceutical Sciences professors, are 100% respectful of the skin.

All our cosmetics have been formulated to minimise the risk of allergies, and are suitable for sensitive eyes and skin.

In addition, the effectiveness of our formulas and active ingredients has been tested, as well as being dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.


- Ocular irritation

- Dermatological

- Ophthalmological

- Sensorial

- Formula effectiveness

- Active ingredients effectiveness

- SPF and UVA