SKINERIE™ formulas are enriched with a scientific breakthrough ingredient named Clotholine™. Also known as Centcyamine, a natural molecule found in the seeds of Centaurea cyanus, an annual flowering plant native from Europe.

Clotholine™ is the first cosmetic ingredient to activate the longevity protein Klotho, the “youth hormone”. By activating the synthesis of Klotho, Clotholine™ improves skin longevity and promotes well-being.

This is why Clotholine™ is at the essence of our brand values.

What for & How

By activating the synthesis of Klotho, the “youth hormone”, Clotholine™ is scientifically proven to measurably improve and promote:


by fighting stress and improving self-esteem, happiness and sociability.


by protecting cell viability and estimulating cell renewall.

Skin radiance and comfort improved

Skin homogeneity and radiance improved compared to the placebo.

Microrelief remodelled

Clotholine™ induced a restructuring efect on 61% of the panelists.

The skin recovers its microstructures: diamond-shaped surface which is typical of young skin.

Significant skin degradation was noticed with placebo where as with Clotholine™ skin firmness was maintained (**p<0,01).

Collagen and Elastin production

Clotholine™ prevents the ageing process responsible for decreasing the production of collagen and elastin.